Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Super Easy Countdown to Christmas!

Each year my kids get so excited as we begin the 25 day countdown to Christmas. We have an Advent chest that begin on December 1st. Each day the children take turns opening the drawers and pulling out the holiday candy and special gifts. As a new add on this year, my good friend, Sam introduced "Christmas rings," a fun new excitement builder for my kids. Sam is so sweet, she cut out the strips of green and red construction paper needed for this activity. The kids used glue dots to connect 24 paper rings. Each night before bed they will tear off a new ring until Christmas Eve when they tear off the last ring before going to bed. The kids had so much fun gluing their rings and thinking about where in their rooms they wanted to hang them.

First, you need strips of construction paper or SU! cardstock cut at 1" X 6" in red and green or another holiday color of choice.

Next, get your glue dots and let the kids create a string of connected rings. Glue dots work really well and attach better than a regular glue stick. Less messy fact no mess at all. I would suggest supervising the use of the glue dots. We all know how quickly they can become unraveled.

The last and most fun step is having your child identify that special spot to attach their Christmas rings. Both children chose high spots. As the length shortens we will have to pick new locations. We will cross that bridge when we get to it. My kids enjoyed posing with their rings.

This was a great "Black Friday," activity for the kids. It was quick, easy, and lots of fun. My 2 year old slept while the older two made their rings. We will help my little one create his tomorrow. Thanks Sam for this wonderful new tradition!

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Anonymous said...

I am lovin the rings! We did them every year growing up. I want to do them with my 2 year old, but I'm afraid that she will just snatch them off whenever she walks by! :)