Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flashback...Nothing Crafty

It seems like just yesterday.... I was the cool one LOL (referring to yesterdays' post...see below)
See the girl on the right in the gold outfit? That's me in 1986!!!

Today I am sharing a flashback in history. Years ago in my teenage years, I was a dancer on a local television show called, Dancin' On Air. I danced on this show regularly for 3 years. Most shows aired live at 4pm. A week ago one of our local stations replayed four episodes from the shows' history. I was lucky enough to be in a couple of the episodes that aired. In this episode I am wearing a gold outfit. Once the announcer finishes talking the camera zooms directly to me and then goes into a flashback. I am shown a couple more times dancing. These were some of the best years of my life. Kelly Ripa from "Live with Regis and Kelly was also on this show. You can find her clip on the website. Check it out...Such Fun!!

Th0se were the days. Too bad there isn't something like this for todays' teenagers. I surely would let my kids to this.

Thanks for stopping by... now watch my clip and then stamp something LOL

A Harry Potter Moment

A while back I shared some of my Disney pages with you. I have been quietly working on so many more but wanted to change things up a bit on my blog so as to not inundate you with so much Disney. I think it has been a sufficient enough of a break so here are two more pages to share that will go into our Disney book. I think I have 5 more to complete before I can get into the printing process. I am so excited about having a completed theme related scrapbook in such a short amount of time. This is definitely a first for me. "Yay me!"

The kids LOVE their wands...okay, okay.....truth be told...I love mine too! I haven't been able to get it to work though. I think I need to swish and concentrate a bit more. I'll keep you posted:-)

I interrupt this Harry Potter moment to remind you that today is the last day to take advantage of the $99.00 sign-up deal. It ends today! To take advantage of this great opportunity you can now only sign up online. You can quickly sign up here to join my team! Along with all of the amazing product included in your starter kit, I will also add any stamp set of your choice. I'd love to have you as a part of my group!

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

So Cool!

This weekend is my family reunion. One of the things we do during this time is adorn a new lovely t-shirt. I actually chose this color and I really like it! I could see me wearing it again for more than just sleeping in...well maybe LOL! we were getting ourselves packed up for our reunion, my daughter asked if she could bring the fabric scissors so she could "cut," the t-shirt we would be getting. Well, I'm all for creativity so of course I let her. Well, once she was dressed I looked at her and looked at me and noticed a huge fashion difference which left me wondering...."When did she become the cool one?"

I'm lovin' her creativity...that use to be me!

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Friday, July 29, 2011

All this, for Just 99.00

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What's A Shoebox Share?

Todays' card was created for a shoebox share I was in, while in Utah. A shoebox share is an event where each participant designs a card, then provides enough materials and pre-cut cardstock for each member in the shoebox share to recreate the card. The number of participants in the group determines how many cards you leave the event with. For our shoebox share we had 6 gals in it so we got together, created each others cards and each left with 6 fun cards. These get togethers are always lots of fun and above all else we walk away with many more great card ideas.
Stamp Set: Easy Events, It's Your Day
Card Stock: Crumb Cake, Early Espresso, Very Vanilla, and Nautical Expedition dsp
Ink: Early Espresso, Riding hood Red
Vintage Wallpaper Dry Embossing Folder, Basic Pearl Jewels

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My 7 year old son has had two loose front teeth for over a month. He really wanted it out but it just would not fall out. After a month we all had enough so just before I left for Convention, my husband gave them each a little tug and out they came. My son was thrilled. Look at that perfect smile! His new teeth have already broken through the gum and are ready to be front and center.

I made this page using MDS. I put my newly aligning skills to the test. I learned a few new things at the +FUN class at convention. As part of the class we got the cute new Spice Cake digital download early. My friend Trish helped me work out the colors. We had so much fun putting it all together.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where Do Swaps Go?

Here is the final show of convention swaps that I was lucky to get from fellow demonstrators during convention. I am hoping to make better use of my swaps this year than I have in the past. In the past I'd look at them when I got them and then maybe once again once I got home but then not too much follow up. This time I am hoping to put them to better use...perhaps by sorting them by stamp set and sharing them at workshops and classes. Of course, I'll be casing some of them too! So, leave me a comment and share; How do you use your swaps?
This card was stamped by fellow demonstrator, Arlyne D'Agostino. I love the embossing on the hearts and the sentiment. Really cute!
This card was stamped by fellow demonstrator, Pam Joel. I love all of the attention to detail. The blue bird really pops on this card. Cute!
This card was stamped by fellow demonstrator, Jackie Topa. Who doesn't like ice cream? I could eat it every night. The ice cream on this card pulls out and you can write a message on the inside. Really clever!

This card was stamped by fellow demonstrator, Sharon Cline. Love the embossing. It looks so elegant!
This card was stamped by fellow demonstrator who didn't leave her name. I f you know who stamped this lovely card, please leave me a comment so I can give credit to the creative demonstrator who made this card. Lovely!
This card was stamped by fellow demonstrator, Teressa Carroll. This card makes me want this Lace Ribbon border punch more and more. Really cute!
This card was stamped by fellow demonstrator, Andrea Borries. I'm lovin' this owl coupled with the wood grain background stamp. It all works so well together!
This card was stamped by fellow demonstrator, Michelle Suit. Hey Mickey your so fine, your so fine, you blow my mind...hey Mickey...Hey Mickey. Need I say more?

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Monday, July 25, 2011

More Convention Swaps

I've been home from Convention for exactly a week now. I'm back to schedules and meals...all the fun stuff about being a wife and mother. Convention is truly my time to focus on creativity and take a break from the real world. I look forward to it every year. Today I am sharing more of the swaps from Convention. I got so many cute ones and I thought you'd like to see them too! I took these pictures at night in my hotel room so the lighting isn't that great but you can get the general idea.

This card was stamped by fellow demonstrator, Millie Sakamoto. I love the colors. I never would have put blue with purple but it really works. Too cute!

This card was created by fellow demonstrator, Raedean Shibata. I love the simplicity of this card.

This card was stamped by fellow demonstrator but unfortunately they did not label it. Another cute card. If you know who stamped this lovely card please leave me a comment so I can give them credit.

This card was stamped by fellow demonstrator, Cassie Miller. Great colors. I love the sponge dauber coloring on this one.
This card was stamped by fellow demonstrator, Shilo Garland. I never get tired of this adorable reindeer. Great colors!

This card was stamped by fellow demonstrator, Kriss Huels. Really cute. This card makes me happy.
This card was stamped by another fellow demonstrator, but unfortunately they didn't put their name on the back. If you know who stamped this lovely card please leave me a comment so I can give them credit. I am sure I'll be casing this one so it would really be great if I could give credit where credit is due. I love this layout!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Convention Experience

Have you ever wondered what convention is really like? Well, here is a sneak peek at what really happens during convention. So much fun! Here are the highlights from convention 2011.
Hope you like it!

This swap is from fellow demonstrator, Heather Deshayes.
This swap is from fellow demonstrator, Sue Boyle.
This swap is from fellow demonstrator, Michele Richey.
This swap is from fellow demonstrator, Mary Lynn Riggs.
This swap is from fellow demonstrator, Susan Finn.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Convention Swaps

One of the best things about convention is the swapping that goes on. Some demonstrators bring hundreds of swaps. I really like seeing the creativity of others and swapping ideas is a great way to do it. Todays' post consist of some of the swaps that I got from my fellow demonstrators.
This card was created by fellow demonstrator, Sue Heron
This card was created by a fellow demonstrator. Information was not provided. Please leave a comment if you made this card or know the demonstrator who did. I would love to give her credit. I love the gifts. so cute!
This card was created by fellow demonstrator,Jen Martin.

This card was created by fellow demonstrator, Susan Wohlfert.

I will post additional swaps for the next few days.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Way Too Quickly

Once again Convention has come and gone way too quickly. Today was our last day together here in Utah. I have had so much fun spending time with old friends and making new ones. People at convention are always so friendly and full of fun. Well, who wouldn't be with all of the amazing things we've experienced these last several days. Convention has many advantages and I've been so thrilled to be a part of them all. We've had so many, "See it, hear it first," moments:
  • the veiling of the new Holiday mini
  • a free Holiday mini pack of 8
  • a beautiful catalog binder
  • 2 free stamp sets (Workshop Words, Warmest of Wishes) in addition to the ones included with Convention
  • Free digital content (Noteworthy)
  • Unveiling of 2 new awesome products coming soon....that I can't yet mention but you will LOVE them both.
  • Announcement for the location of the next Leadership (San Antonio, Texas)
  • Announcement of the next Incentive trip, (Fiji in 2013)
  • Locations for some of the upcoming Regionals
  • Convention 2012.....July 18th - 21st (Gotta be there!)
Edited: (Free stuff I forgot to mention)
  • a free workshop in a bag (enough for product for 8 make n' takes) Wow!!!!
  • a free simply sent

Also, a first for me.....I finally one "Prize Patrol," Yay!!!!!.... I won the Hello Doily background stamp and some beautiful satin ribbon.
This was the BEST Convention evah!!!!! (Yeah, I know I spelled it wrong:-)
The Day in pictures......Enjoy!

Style watch...Loving Shelli's clothes! It was always a highlight to see what she was wearing. Sorry the image isn't clear, but you get the idea.

Holiday mini displays in the Gathering place.
More Holiday mini projects....can't wait to start making these! Can you see the pretty tags?
Shannon West demonstrated cute holiday projects using goodies found in the Holiday mini.
Cute stockings with an oblong box in between filled with candy. Yum!!!!

Carrie Cudney demonstrated cute projects featuring candy.

Cute candy stand.
Happy demonstrators receiving free product...what could be better than free stamps and free digital content?

A happy and tired me. Ready for dinner and a nice long nap before heading home on Sunday.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Day at Convention

Look who's demonstrating on stage now! It's Shalae Brown, Shelli Gardner's daughter. She was awesome!

Today was another busy day at convention. I got a chance to take lots more pictures of the beautiful cards on display. Shalae, another one of Shelli's daughters demonstrated on stage for the first time with Shelli. It was fun to watch her with another daughter. She and her daughter's are so entertaining together.
They wore the same shoes today. Totally unplanned but exactly alike minus the color difference. Super cute!

Style Watch! Shelli's outfit for today. Love it! Check out these pretty shoes!

Enjoy the samples from the display boards!!!

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