Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Convention Check-In Day

Well, I arrived safe and sound here in Utah yesterday. I learned something very important for flying out at the Philadelphia airport...Don't wear cargo pants! It seems that the pockets for cargo pants are suspicious and need to be patted down...oh and remember to take off any belts too! The detectors don't like them. Other than that, I had a wonderful flight. I arrived at 10:00am, got in my hotel room by 11:30, then headed to lunch with my Harry Potter book (I'm rereading the second half of the last book in preparation for the movie) in hand then came back for a four hour nap.

New Convention Bag!!!!

Contents in the bag. We got a binder for our catalog. This will really help with organizing and sharing what Stampin' UP! has to offer with our customers. Stampin' Up! is so good to its' demonstrators!!!

Today was the start of everything exciting....It was check-in day which means "new convention bag," day!!! The day of the much coveted convention bag. This is probably the most exciting thing....well at least at the top of the list...of the things I look forward to at convention. After getting our new bags we went into Memento Mall where we could purchase our Stampin' Up! business goodies. One of the first things I saw was this super cute umbrella and decided to try it out.

My new goodies as I left Memento Mall. Too many great buys to pass up.
I got this super cute cardigan among LOTS of other stuff!!!
One of the wonderful displays in the Gathering Place.

Two of the ladies from our group; Jean and Sue, posing with cofounder and CEO of Stampin' Up! Shelli Gardner.
Another cute display at the Gathering Place.
This is just scratching the surface of all the fun stuff we've seen so far. Tomorrow I will share some card and scrapbooking samples on display. We had a very busy first day here and the fun is still yet to begin. Today I was one of the lucky winners for Prize Patrol. My first time ever during my six years of coming to exciting. I one a background stamp and some pretty ribbon. I love ribbon so it was truly the best way to end the pre- first day of convention. I'm off to a great start, so things can only get better....right?

If you want to see something particular, leave a comment and I'll post a photo and information regarding it.

Thanks for stopping go stamp something!

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