Friday, July 1, 2011

Brothers at Breakfast

We are still in Disney. You may have noticed some pages are recent and some are from a few years ago. The best way to differentiate is the old ones are actual paper scrapbook pages and the new are all digital. The time frame is four years give or take 2 months. This page is recent. It is from the Character breakfast. You would think most kids would LOVE this experience. Our five year old said he was not going to take any pictures and really didn't want to sit on an "aisle" seat (so the characters could have easy access to him). In the end he did sit in the aisle seat. The funniest part was when Mickey started his musical parade, our five year old put his fingers in his ears as if to say "I'm trying to eat over here!" He did not get up and join the fun. Oh well, at least he stayed in his own seat. This was such a fun experience, well at least for me it was.

When Daisy Duck came around of course our 17 year old didn't want to get up and take a picture. I totally understood how this could underscore his cool factor but I think Daisy took it personally. She scooted on over to him and beckoned for me to take the picture there. Of course I listened and did it. The best part is I think she got the widest smile out of him. I haven't seen a smile that wide in a picture in a long time. Way to go Daisy.

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