Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flashback...Nothing Crafty

It seems like just yesterday.... I was the cool one LOL (referring to yesterdays' post...see below)
See the girl on the right in the gold outfit? That's me in 1986!!!

Today I am sharing a flashback in history. Years ago in my teenage years, I was a dancer on a local television show called, Dancin' On Air. I danced on this show regularly for 3 years. Most shows aired live at 4pm. A week ago one of our local stations replayed four episodes from the shows' history. I was lucky enough to be in a couple of the episodes that aired. In this episode I am wearing a gold outfit. Once the announcer finishes talking the camera zooms directly to me and then goes into a flashback. I am shown a couple more times dancing. These were some of the best years of my life. Kelly Ripa from "Live with Regis and Kelly was also on this show. You can find her clip on the website. Check it out...Such Fun!!

Th0se were the days. Too bad there isn't something like this for todays' teenagers. I surely would let my kids to this.

Thanks for stopping by... now watch my clip and then stamp something LOL

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