Saturday, July 2, 2011

Disney Album Cover

I am working on the album cover for our family's Disney trip. I am having the hardest time find a stamp that I can use to create a realistic mouth. This was the best I could come up with. If you have any suggestions PLEASE share. I welcome all suggestions to help with the finished product. I used a variety of punches (circles and ovals) to create the features on Mickey's face. For the mouth, I used brackets.

One might ask when I found time to do this, well after walking around for few hot hours in the Florida sun, (which I love) we came back to our unit to decompress and I worked on this before heading to the pool. Tough life, I know. It is a break we all really needed. The kids are having a ball. They want to move here. Frankly, so do I. My husband, not so much. Too hot for him.

Thanks for stopping go stamp something!

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