Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stamping With Eight Year Olds!

I was recently the "Entertainment," for an eight year old's birthday party. The birthday girl and the party attendees ranged in age from 6, 7, and 8. They were amazing little girls. They were so patient and so much fun! I prepared 3 easy and fun cards for them to stamp. Lots of coloring is always good for little ones. They loved the cards and were eager to stamp on everything:-)

They had a great time and so did I! The biggest hit, believe it or not, was the mono adhesive. They did really well with it too! A few of the girl's asked if they could have it. We used the Pun Fun stamp set, which the mom purchased. I charged $3.00 per card, $9.00 per child for eleven children.

The girl's had fun and the parents raved over the cards and how attentive the children were. Parents spent most of their time chatting and eating while I stamped with the children. This worked out PERFECTLY!! I am a teacher so I am use to managing and keeping the attention of a group of youngsters.

I hope you enjoy the cards!

Thanks for stopping by...now go stamp something.

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