Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kid Card Class

I am having camera issues. The quality of my photos isn't the best so please bear with me.

Each year my school has an auction where parents can bid on special activities for their children to enjoy with their teachers. For the second year my colleague and friend, Samantha and I offered an afterschool kid card class for the parents to bid on. The two highest bidders were each able to choose some friends to join them for a stamping class. We wound up with four Kindergarteners and four First graders for a total o eight young stampers. I designed one card and one gift tag. My friend Sam designed one card and one gift tag. Unfortunately, I was so busy during the class that I did not get to take pictures of her card and tag but they were both adorable.

Living up to my usual M.O., both my card and gift tag were quick and easy. And believe me, quick and easy was definitely the order of the day. For both my card and gift tag I gave the students the opportunity to choose if they wanted to use the cupcake punch or the image of the Extreme Surfer. Most of our group consisted of boys and the Surfer was a very popular choice. The students had lots of fun and they did a great job stamping.

Thanks for stopping go stamp something!


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