Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate the day Christ rose again! I am up late getting everything ready for the kids when they wake...and for Easter dinner. We are expecting 15 did this happen?

On Saturday, I took an opportunity today to sit down with my little ones to review the meaning of Easter and what it is that we are remembering. We read the book featured above by Patricia A. Pingry and then some excerpts from a childrens' bible. I wanted to make sure they weren't just thinking of Easter as an Easter bunny, candy, and gifts. I wanted to ensure that they had the full meaning of Easter and its' initial significance. Growing up I knew nothing of an Easter Bunny who came bearing a basket full of candy and gifts. I grew up with only the knowledge of Christ. My siblings and I dyed our eggs and made our Easter baskets filling them with treats my mom purchased and brought home for us to put into our baskets. We did this together as a family activity. I really enjoyed and fondly remember these moments. Although I wouldn't change how we grew up I enjoy seeing the excited expressions on my children's face.

Just to be clear I don't think there is aything wrong in believing in an Easter bunny but I do want my children to know what came before the bunny AND his eggs.

Happy Easter! I hope you get to spend this special day with your family remembering Him...if this is indeed a holiday of yours.

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Laura Brown said...

I couldn't have said it better myself!