Monday, April 27, 2009

More Kiddo Cards

Here are the two other cards from the wonderful class I mentioned last week where we stamped with the 9 lovely first graders and 1 second grader. My friend and stamping buddy, Samantha, designed these cards. Aren't they cute! She recently had a card making party for her 11 year old daughter for her birthday party. The girls from her daughter's birthday stamped these and I believe they stamped a couple more cards as well. The attendees were all around the age of 11. She said it worked out perfectly and the girls had lots of fun. Now remind me again why Sam hasn't signed on to be a demonstrator...hmmmm. I think I need to look into that:-) She would make a great one! She stamps her own Christmas cards every year with supplies she purchases from me. She could be saving herself a bit of money with her discount.

She chose to use retired stamp sets that are her favorite ones. Not too long ago, well okay 2 summers ago when her son turned 5 she had a pirate party for him in her backyard and she used the Ahoy Mate stamp set for the invites and the thank you's. The party was pirate themed and consisted of various pirate type activities (walking the plank, blowing boats in a race, and others that I can't remember) but it was fabulous!

Well enjoy her cards:
Thanks for stopping go stamp something!

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