Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back To School in MDS

The 12 year old on her first day of middle school - 7th Grade
Being home, one would think I'd find a way to stamp all day...only one problem with that scenario...I have noooooo energy. I would love to spend my days creating in my stamp room! It took me a few days to put these pages together using MDS (My Digital Studio), with lots of napping in between. I even cheated by duplicating the pages and making slight changes for each one. Huge time saver and it made this oh so easy!!! I used the Old School September Digital Kit (item # 134978) Thank goodness for MDS, I can create on my computer while lying in my bed.

These pictures were taken on the first day of school for my kids. Being home, I was able to see them nice...I held my husband's hand as we walked them to the corner (Doctor's orders, walk a bit. I use to have to walk around the hall in the hospital to keep my blood circulating), then I crawled back into bed for a four hour NOT kidding. I napped for four hours after they left. I was exhausted!!!! Needless to say, I did not get them off the bus. Noooo energy left. My 12 year old middle schooler met the younger two at their bus stop and watched them until mu hubby returned form work.
The 9 year old on his first day of fourth grade!
 If you look closely at these pages you will see slight changes. On this one, the 2013 is on the clipboard and the background paper behind the picture is different than the one on my daughter's page. My nine year old said his first day of school was, "Great!" He really likes his new teacher. Those are words every mother likes to hear. When your kids like their teacher the year is off to a great start. Yippee!!

The 7 year old on his first day of second grade!
On this page, the 2013 is on the bottom photo and on the clipboard it says 1st day. I asked my 7 year old how his day was and he summed it up in one word, "Exhausting!!" Poor thing was too use to lazy summer days at home and now he needs more energy to get through the day. He too likes his teacher. I am beyond thrilled because he is the one that really needs to have a connection with his teacher for the year to go smoothly. We are definitely off to a great start. A double "Yippee," from me!!

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