Friday, September 20, 2013

A Special "Big" Thanks!

Sent by Helene Graziano
While home recuperating, I've gotten lots of beautiful cards sent my way, a few hand stamped cards along with adorable store bought cards. They are all so very pretty, but I thought I'd share the hand stamped ones with you today. In addition, so many people have been so kind and thoughtful and have sent my family so many gifts and treats. I haven't had the energy to cook so the kindness of others has really helped us out a lot!!! I am very thankful for all of the specials thoughts, emails, cards, and gifts, help with my kids, help with laundry, and cooking that have helped to lift my spirits and focus on healing.
Sent by Donna Huestedde

Sent by Vanessa Hahn
Yesterday, I noticed this sign on my daughter's door. It was cleaning day and I guess her room wasn't in "cleaning condition." She is such a middle school girl.

 We were well overdue for cleaning. I had cancelled a couple of sessions for our vacation and also for my surgery and my "not getting out of the bed at all time," so we really needed it. I guess she will have to get her own room together. Middle School is keeping her busy. She is even thinking of  (Wait for it...) joining the field hockey team.....Let me explain, my 12 year old knows nothing about hockey, doesn't care for running and LOVES the indoors....Yep, and she is considering Field Hockey. The coach of the team needed one other player and noticed my daughter had her physical signed and in the the nurses office for sports (She, the daughter, had it completed because was thinking of joining the dance troop...) I am excited for her and hope she joins. I think it would be good for her to be a part of a team and I would love to go see her play. Here's to keeping my fingers crossed. She is making her mind up today and if the answer is to the sports store she and my hubby will go to suit her up. Of course, I will share pics of her first game is she does it. Fingers crossed.

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