Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Am a Cancer Survivor...

For That, I Am Thankful.....(Not My Usual Crafting Post)
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Two weeks ago, I underwent surgery to have my left kidney removed. I was diagnosed to have a tumor/mass on it and my doctor wanted to remove it. Before surgery, he told me he believed it to be a benign tumor. That gave me some comfort and it also had a bit of a calming effect on me as I mentally prepared myself for the procedure. I shopped 3 weeks early for my kids school supplies and picked out and lay out their first day clothes. I wanted to make sure I left everything in order...just in case...

As you can tell, everything worked out fine and I am here to tell the tale. My doctor was able to remove my kidney in tact and glued (Yay!!) me back together. I was in the hospital for 4 days recuperating before coming home to recuperate some more. During this time I have become a pro at naps and pill popping. I am hoping to soon stop the latter and get in as many of the former (naps that is) as I can before going back to work.

Yesterday, I went in for my post Op Surgical Follow Up....and this is when I got a real eye opener. My doctor informed me that the tumor in my kidney was indeed cancerous...AND malignant. Stage 1B Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma. The best news is that the tumor was confined to the kidney...and even more, it was mostly "dead." What? Yeah!!! dead!!! The tumor started to run out of its blood supply so it could not grow anymore... (Did it die from all of my praying and the prayers of my family and friends??? I would like to think so.) When my doctor left the room to get a prescription for me, my husband turned to me and said, "You're a cancer survivor." I was living with cancer and didn't even know it. I am so thankful that it was found and removed and even more....I am thankful that no more treatment is needed. My Cancer story isn't like most that you hear with Chemo, Radiation and such. I didn't have to do any of that. I didn't know I had cancer until I didn't have it anymore. Even without knowing, I am full of all kinds of emotions. I'm speechless, and thankful at the same time as well as scared and relieved at the same time. so....many....emotions! I'm not sure what I should be. It is a scary feeling knowing that cancer was living in me while I stamped in Utah, and sunned in South Carolina. I thank God that I am where I am now, and that everything worked out. I feel both lucky and blessed. I have learned to listen to my body and and am thankful to have found the best doctor. After my appointment, I sat down with my 12 year old daughter and told her about the cancer that lived in my body. After a few moments, she smiled, looked at me and said the exact same statement her father said 2 hours prior, "I guess that means you are a Cancer Survivor!" She is more like her father every day and sooo mature!!!
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I made this Thank You card and envelope for my co-workers.  They sent me an awesome gift for my recovery. Being off my feet, meals happen to be our greatest challenge and their gift made meal time a lot easier for us so this card is my thank you to them. It's been weeks since I've stamped anything and having this be the first thing I've stamped is a good feeling. I stamped this card and crawled back into bed. It was exhausting...funny I know, but true! I think I slept a good 2 hours after making this card and envelope. After writing this, I realize I need to add another card to my growing list. A card for the wonderful medical staff that took care of me for four days on the 9th floor at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. The are the BEST at what they do...Amazing!!! I am proud to accept and acknowledge that I am indeed a Cancer Survivor!

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