Saturday, August 2, 2008

All Good Things Must Come To An End

This photo was taken today as stampers were filing out of the Convention Center, officially ending Convention 2008. It has been a whirlwind of a day. LOTS of screaming and excitement. Just a fabulous day! This day was one for the history books! The BEST THING EVER!! happened right before the close of the day. We had a real Oprah moment! To share in this excitement, vicariously, scroll down to see what happened at the end of Convention. All I can say is that I hope no one left early. I didn't get a prize from the Prize Patrol :-( but I guess the end of convention made up for it. Okay...go scroll and then come back and read the rest! You won't be disappointed!

My day started off on a high note because not only did I see Kristina Werner again..... but I, yes, I got to take a picture with the Magnificent Make a Card Monday stamper gal. Again, she was super nice. Such a lovely person. Here is the picture of me with her. I am hoping that some of her creative genius rubbed off on me (smile). If you are unfamiliar with her because you've been living under a rock or something.....take a moment to check out her blog. You'll be glad that you did!


Well, that's exactly how convention ended. Ahhhmayyyzing!!! Let me paint a picture for you. Shelli was on stage, we had just finished watching videos from the contest and others that the company created to promote SU! events. So, Shelli was on stage and then a doorbell rang. She looked to her left and from back stage came BROWN also known as the UPS man all dressed in his finest brown and in his hands was a nice size SU! box. He said,"Well, I'm trying to deliver this package," and Shelli said, "Who's it for? I can probably help you find them. I know a lot of people here." The UPS guy looked at the package and said, "It says here that it's for... EVERYONE!" And then confetti fell from the ceiling...curtains parted, there seemed to be an explosion...and a UPS truck drove through the opening in the curtains, while the song, "Burning Down the House," played loudly in the background.... and then all of these gorgeous UPS men jumped out of the truck and began running with their UPS bags in hand and they ran up and down the aisles and up and down the risers and passed out stamp sets to ALL Stampin' Up! convention attendees. It was the most exciting moment of the whole entire convention. Everyone was screaming and yelling, hooping and hollering. It was surreal and just soooo cool. It was a time to be had and remembered. The stamp set was the new Ronald McDonald stamp set. I will post it later but here are a few pictures from this moment. I must warn you that they are not the best...but I tried.

Well, thanks for peeking in to see highlights of convention from my point of view. It has been an amazing week. Tomorrow I head back east to see my family. I've missed looking at their beautiful faces. Once home I will post my make and takes and the stamp sets we got from convention. This probably won't happen until Tuesday so check back then.

Now go stamp something!


The Alexanders said...

Thanks for all the updates. I've really enjoyed them. Wish I could've been there!


Kim Mullin said...

Maureen, Thanks so much for sharing. I loved seeing the pictures and they made me almost feel like I was there.