Saturday, August 23, 2008

End of Summer Blues!

First, I must warn you that todays' post isn't really a crafty one but more of a "Where has she been?" type of post. The answer is...Williamsburg Virginia and now.......

I've got the end of summer blues!!! I can't believe that it is almost over! A new school year is staring me in the face. I go back to work this coming Tuesday and I'm not very happy about it! I'm sure all will be well once the school year begins but at this very moment I am loving this laid back time I've been spending with my hubby and our little people. As I stated earlier, we just returned from a fabulous week in Williamsburg Va. where our days were full of time in the pool, water park, amusement park, golfing, and some historical sight seeing. I can't believe it but stamping was the last thing on my mind.....and for me that is very rare. I am usually at least thinking about stamping. Here are some photos from our week.

These pictures were taken at Jamestown Settlement. They had replicas of the first three ships (on record) that came into Jamestown. The kids had fun going on, in, and through the three ships. This was quite amazing to see. Great history for the kids to get to explore. The above photos showed the living quarters for the Native Americans. I didn't take any pictures of the insides but it was very fascinating and impressive. The ingenius of it all. If you haven't been put it on yur must do list.

This photo was taken before entering Busch Gardens. Our youngest did not enjoy the sun in his face so he often pulled down the top part of his stroller to shield his face from the sun. Not even coming out for a family photo. I LOVE his personality. He keeps us smiling, laughing out loud, AND on out toes.

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Goldenllife said...

Mau, I love your are so creative; both in stamping and writing. I assume you got your talents from your mothers side of the family. (smile) Continue doing good...Glad you enjoyed the convention.....You deserved the time away.....