Friday, March 13, 2009

Did Ya Know?

Back To One Catalog!!!

I just came across this info. on the Stampin' Up! Demonstrator website and I am soooo very excited to share it with you.

It was announced that Stampin' Up! will be moving back to an annual catalog.
This is what the co-founder and CEO, Shelly Gardner, had to say about this:

Here are Shelli's words:

We have been evaluating our catalog strategy for some time to determine what is most effective for you, and based on what we've learned and the feedback you have provided, we have decided to return to an annual catalog.

Because of the lead times involved in creating a catalog and the products that go into it, we had originally planned to make this change in July 2010. However, after considering the current economic situation and the effect it is having on your businesses, we have re-evaluated the timeline for this change and decided to launch the annual Idea Book & Catalog this coming July 2009.

What does this change mean to you?

* Beginning in July 2009, we will go back to an annual catalog.
* The US Hispanic supplement will also become an annual catalog.
* The D├ęcor Elements catalog will continue to be separate from the Idea Book & Catalog, and will come out twice a year.
* The mini catalog program will change to include three mini catalogs a year, each lasting for four months.

In addition to the changes mentioned above, we will be introducing a small selection of hostess sets in each mini catalog. This will give your customers even more reason to host multiple workshops throughout the year.

We know that you will have lots of questions about these changes, and we will be providing more details in the coming months. Look for even more information to come as we get closer to the release of our new annual catalog in July.

We are excited about these changes and the benefits your businesses will see from them. Going back to an annual Idea Book & Catalog will decrease your cost of doing business and will simplify the catalog program--allowing you to focus on doing and sharing what you love.

Sooo with all this said...It's not too late to get your current catalog for free. Click here, place an order at any price and you will receive a free catalog. How often can you get something for free? Well here is your opportunity.

Thanks for stopping go stamp something!

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