Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let It Snow!

Here are a couple more scrap pages for this weekend. I really tried hard to find some "printed" snow pics of the kids but to no avail. I had already downloaded them from my camera to my computer and was too lazy last night to go and get the computer and go through the frustration of trying to print the ones I took on Monday. It probably would have only taken a mind and body would not bring me up from the basement, where my stamping area is," to my computer on the very next floor! Lazy, I know...but that's my story.

I am going to start working on birthday pages tonight. I am full of so many ideas. I even took out some pictures that I can lay on them to spruce up the pics a bit. I hope there's enough time to get it all done! I have been using all of my retired SU! Simply Scrappin' Kits. I see them, I want them, I use some...and some sit. So now I am trying to go through things and use or discard...because it is getting kinda crazy in my stampin' space!

I am really excited about being a vendor this weekend. If things are slow, maybe I'll get some personal scrapping done. I will definitely let you know how this all turns out. And...if no one buys my pages...just think of all the scrapbooking I've completed for my family. This is definitely a win win situation.

Thanks for stopping go stamp something!

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Aimee said...

Very cute snow pages! Scrapbooking is always the toughest for me, but I love to throw the pictures onto a completed page and I love looking at "old" pictures. Keep the cute ideas coming! :)