Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Well...Looky Here...

Okay so this is not 100% done... but I am getting there! I still have some paper/stuff sorting to do on my computer table but the energy is free to flow again. I can now think abot stamping instead of thinking about how messy it looks. I feel so much better about this space there is even a space on my desk to actually STAMP!! I spent a few hours on Saturday and then again on Sunday trying to tidy up a bit and reorganize with my new file cabinet I got as a Christmas gift. I was on my husband about assembling it. Once he was done it only took me 3 weeks (hee hee) to get it in place. I think it looks better than the white bins I was using before. I have handed those over to my 7 year old daughter whos was more than excited to put them to use for her own scrapbooking purposes. My kids were great during my clean up sessions. They played on their sideor outside while my husband kept an eye on them. A lovely weekend! Now to put the icing on the cake.... More stamping and projects tomorrow... One can always hope.

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