Monday, June 20, 2011

It's A Card Set!

What did you give as a teacher gift? This is always the trickiest time of year. I want to thank my kids teachers for working so hard to make learning fun. My kids LOVE school and they absolutely LOVE their teachers. I am so grateful to them for how special they make everyday for my kids and I really want them to know that I appreciate them....but what is the perfect thing to give? I am a teacher and I get dumbfounded each year when this time rolls around. This year I had my kids tag along to help pick things out. We gave each of the teacher's a couple of things, a 4-card, card set, which I placed in a cellophane bag with a ribbon around it. I stuck it in a gift bag with a Vera Bradley organizer for two of them and then a Vera Bradley lunch bag for another one. Lastly my youngest son's teacher just got engaged so we gave her a wedding planner book. Hopefully they liked them. My kids said the teachers loved their gifts but what else would the teachers say (LOL)!

Any way thanks for stopping go stamp something!

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