Thursday, June 16, 2011

School's Out!

School's out! WooHoo!!! I am so excited. I think teachers are even more excited than the kids. We started our countdown when there were 30 school days left. The students in my school got out yesterday. Today, the teachers were busy cleaning up their classrooms for the summer and we all had super wide smiles upon our faces. It's been a great day. Today's card is the card I created as a thank you for my kids teachers. It was a lot of fun to make, but really aren't all cards fun to make? Anyway, for this card I decided to get the butterfly punch out of the plastic it came in and give it a go. I used some rhinestones to perk up the butterflies a bit. I made six of these cards but I ran into a slight problem. I only had four buttons so then I remembered seeing these faux buttons on someone's blog and I just had to try it. I made them by using my circle punches and some crystal effects. Can you tell which one is sporting the faux button? I'm sure you guessed it. It's the shiny one on the left. Next time I'll put some linen thread through the holes to spruce it up a bit.

Thanks for stopping go stamp something!

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