Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
Today is our first day back to school for my me and my kids after the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. We didn't get much damage but the school district that I work in is still dealing with clean up. My work schools are closed but teachers have to report to different locations. We have 6 elementary schools and two of them don't have any power. Mine just happens to be one of them.Today we had to report by 11am.

On to Halloween:
I made these little goodies for my little ones to see when they get home from school today. Stampin Up! is selling them in the holiday mini catalog. They were so easy to make,  I made them before heading in to work this morning. I just heard that Halloween Trick or Treating is being moved to Monday, November 5. My kids won't be happy!

Hope you are enjoying your Halloween festivities!

Thanks for stopping go stamp something!

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