Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From Remnants to Cards

Do you find that after a workshop or a card class you have lots of card kits left? Well, I do. I guess I over cut and then have lots of left over pieces. I'm trying to be better about creating cards from my remnants to have as a card stash for when an occasion creeps up on me, and they usually do more often than I'd like to admit. I am the last minute stamper! To combat this I sat down over the long Presidents weekend and stamped away until there weren't any remnants to be found. I think I ended up with about 16 cards to put in reserve. I am feeling good and my stamping area is looking a lot better too!

Both of the above cards are very similar to recent posts. You can scroll down to find the details.

Thanks for stopping by, now go stamp something!


Jacki Montgomery said...

Maureen, I always makeup the rest of the compleed kits for just that same purpose. This year I was able to go through that stash and make up 8 boxed sets of cards for christmas gifts. Each box contained 6 different cards. The teachers and secretaries at school loved them.

Jacki Montgomery said...

great cards by the way..loved them too - but I'm not surprised you always do great work.

Kim Warne said...

Great idea, Maureen. I was browsing your blog and have awarded you with the Stylish Blog Award. Visit my blog for the award details,