Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stamping with Friends

Last weekend I got together with five friends who love to stamp as much as I do. We each designed a card, cut enough for 5 others to make it, brought the needed supplies and got together at my friend, Sam's house. I guess one might say we had a "Shoebox Swap." Usually when I get together with this set of friends I design the cards and prepare for everyone so this was a nice change of pace. It was so much easier to just get together what I needed for one card. I left my house with ONE bag. Nice.....

When I got to Sam's house we had lunch. Any meal at Sam's is always a yummy experience for my mouth. She made a tasty salad, a delicious ham and pineapple quiche. Who knew those two ingredients worked so well together. She also made dessert!!!! Super soft brownies with walnuts mixed in and covered in chocolate icing!!!! Yum, yum, yum. I think I ate more than one...I'm actually pretty sure I did.

We started the afternoon with the host. My friend Sam hosted our get together and here is her adorable card. She made this cute trifold birthday card that we fell in love with instantly.

My card was up next. I shared the owl card that I used the weekend before at a kids party that I did. The difference here is that I didn't pre-punch everything like I did the kids.

This lovely card is from Lori. We were loving this butterfly. It was so much fun to make and reminded us of Spring.

Up next is Vanessa's sparkling card. She used one of my favorite stamp sets, Crazy for Cupcakes. Each year she designs a birthday card and it becomes her card of the year. Super cute right? So if your birthday is coming up this just may be the beautiful card you'll see in the mail. We LOVED her Stickles. Who doesn't love some sparkle?

We moved right along to Marie's fun and super cute card. I LOVE green and I LOVE ribbon...especially in brown. These are two of my favorite colors. Marie used Trendy Trees for her card. She taught us how to stamp the tops of the trees perfectly by stamping center first and then slightly moving the stamp to the right, stamp it, then move slightly to the left, stamp it and whalla you get a perfect tree. Since it is hard to center the trees without a stamp a majig this is sure fire way to get perfect trees every time. Thanks so much Marie. We had lots of "Wow"s" while stamping your card.

We ended the afternoon with Karen's fancy Father's Day card. This is usually the hardest occasion for me to create a card for and Karen did the hard work for all of us for this year. We all adored the the handsome tux on the cute is that?

We had such a wonderful time together having a yummy lunch, chatting, and stamping super cute cards to add to our stash. I can't wait to get together and do it again.

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