Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Aquarium in MDS

My daughter is in a special program in her school called L.E.E.P. One of the benefits of this L.E.E.P. is special events, activities and even trips. I went with her and bus load of fourth graders and their parent (only one could attend). The trip was to the Baltimore Aquarium. We had to arrive at her school early to load the bus. This is the part I didn't think through well enough. I guess I imagined a luxury bus...but this was a school trip so what was I thinking....but a 2-1/2 hour ride, surely it would be a luxury coach...right???? I am a teacher so I guess I should have known better because 15 minutes after we arrived at her school the big YELLOW bus rolled up in front of the doors. Oh well.... So bumps and bumps later we got there safe and sound.

Years ago when I was still in single digits, this Aquarium and Harbor was my first experience to aquariums and harbors and it brought back fond memories. I am glad I got to visit it again and this time with my daughter. I've been back to the area lots of times but not with my daughter. She's been to the New Jersey Aquarium but had never been to this one. She enjoyed the Aquarium and Rain forest life and spending time with her friends.

I decided to create a page, using My Digital Studio, to remember the special day. I used the Sunny Day pages, some stitching, distressing, and circle photo boxes.

Thanks for stopping go stamp something!

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