Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Boys!

It's another MDS page. Hope you like it! The photo isn't the best quality. This moment came and I picked up my iphone to snap the picture before the moment was gone.

I love being a mom! Especially when I get to witness moments like these! It's usually very busy in my house but every once in awhile, in between the running and jumping and flipping, this is what I find. My seven year old is beginning to love reading and he is becoming pretty fluent too! He is starting to initiate reading and when he does my little four year old curls up right along side him to listen. The seven year old sometimes gives the four year old parts on the repetitive phrasing and some parts they read in unison. What could be better than that?

(Side note: No, the four yr. old isn't reading he is just a good repeater with an excellent memory)

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