Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Spooky Jar

Here is my Spooky Jar. I just love this Spooky Spider Décor Elements™ from Stampin' Up! It is super easy to adhere to any glass jar. I bought this generously sized one from Target for $19.99. I was so proud of myself, and still am for getting this jar and our Halloween candy so far in advance. It is great and feels wonderful to get a head start on this kind of stuff. Although by purchasing candy so far in advance and then putting it in this beautiful jar there was one glitch to my eager beager plan. I ran into one little yet really big problem that I should have foreseen. It all started when I decided to purchase all of my favorite candies as the treats for our Halloween tricksters. Well what was I thinking???? I am sure you know where I am going with this. is true, I have started eating up the yummy candies and my hubby has followed suit! To rectify this my husband came up with a great solution. We took all of the candy out of the jar, put it into a bag where it will remain until Halloween night. The situation is better although I have been in the bag twice. This is so hard!

Well, thanks for stopping go stamp something!

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