Monday, October 6, 2008

World Card Day - Family Stamp Day

In honor of World Card my plan was to gather my family around a table to stamp a card. I thought it would be a fun creative outlet for both the adults and the kids. The tricky part was that we were going to be in Maryland at my mother's second home and I would have to pack materials to bring with us. My mother, sister, sister in-law and all of our kids along with another cousin made the trip. We were a total of 12. At the end of our busy Saturday, I placed all of my supplies on the table. They were very limited. I didn't want to carry too much with three of my kids and me, we can fill an automobile super easily...not to mention my sister in-law and her three kiddos who were also in the van. I offered a few ideas and then just let everyone try their hand at stamping. While there, I forgot to take pictures of all of the action... but I took these few photos of my seven year old daughter's card and my four year old's card along with my card. See if you can guess whose is whose.

I packed all of my supplies in my Convention Project Tote. I just love this bag, it brings back fond Utah memories from last summer. I can't wait until it's time to pack and return to Utah for another Stampin' Up! Convention.

While in Maryland we went to the beach near my mom's home. I love being by the waters edge. I love the sounds and smells of the water. My sister took this picture of me.

The kids were busy collecting rocks. Some they kept while others they threw back. It's always so much fun watching the first cousins all play together.

They get along very well. Reminds me of being young and free.

Thanks for go stamp something!


Anonymous said...

It looks like it was a wonderful trip! I love the card too!

Janine T

Anonymous said...

I love the beach pictures and the cards. We were so busy, didn't have time to take pictures of the "stampers."

You all come back now-- hear!!!!