Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

In honor of Father's Day I have a few cards that I'd like to share. I created this first one by casing it right out of the Stampin' Success. I made it for my hubby. I hope he likes it. My two oldest kids wrote a note of thanks on the tags. My next in line ditctated his thank you and then for the little one I read into his inner most thoughts and extracted what I thought he would thank his dad for if he could articulate it. My daughter had the most fun with this. After doing this she set off to her crafty area to design her own personal card for her dad. I will take a picture of hers to share soon.
I had so much fun creating this. The hardest part was finding pictures to put in it. I originally planned to take new photos but the moment never made itself available to me so I had to make do!

On this last page the children are going to write favorite things about their dad. This should prove interesting. I'm hoping my husband gets a kick out of it.

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Kim said...

Great job casing the SS!!