Monday, June 16, 2008

Teacher Gifts

I decided to do something quick, easy, and useful for my daughter's first grade teacher. I made some of these before in a class and they got rave reviews. I had my daughter ask her teacher her favorite color before putting them together. I made a set of 10, put a celery grosgrain ribbon around them, a scallop tag on the ribbon, and placed them in this plastic case (compliments of my secret stamper) and whalla, a gift set was created. My daughter is taking it in today. I hope her teacher likes them.

I had some scraps left over so I decided to use them for the thank you card for her teacher. My daughter had a great year with a wonderful teacher so I though we'd take a moment to tell her so. I wrote my thanks on the upper half of the inside and my daughter wrote hers on the bottom half of the inside card. As a teacher myself, I know how much words are appreciated when they come from students and parents. Remember to thank your kids teachers. It takes a lot of patience, creativity, flexibility, and energy to teach and motivate the minds of our young ones, so remember to say, "Thank you."
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Jacki said...

I love the note cards Maureen. I will be casing them next time I need something quick, easy and personal. Thanks.