Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's in The Bag!

This weekend my upline's upline had her annual downline breakfast feast...I mean meeting. She usually has it outside on her beautiful wrap around porch but the weather here in the northeast is really heating up so she held it indoors. When I arrived there was no one outside so I thought I had the wrong day. You don't know how much I looked forward to every stamping event in my life. What did I do before stamps? Did I exist.... and was I happy. Well let's not look back.
Any way on to the story. I peeked in her door and saw no one. I decided to ring the bell anyway and to my elation Donna, one of my stamping friends opened the door and I kew everything was going to be alright. After I found a spot at the table and put my things for the make and take I brought down on the table I went to get myself a drink. ( Gotta go, I will finish this story later. We are off to the movies.)

We are back!!! Went to see the new Panda Kung Fu movie. The kids loved it and I laughed out loud several times. A very good movie to see. Everyone is in bed now so I can finish my story...

After I got some Orange juice and spoke with some friends I then returned to my spot. When I got there I found this bright red bag sitting in my space. It read...Do not open until you get home. You guessed it. A treat from my secret stamper. She did this right under my nose and didn't see a thing. I am one of those people that don't miss too much but I must say...she's good!
Well, yesterday was an extremely busy day that I did not get to my pretty red bag until this morning. Below you will find the beautiful cards that were in the bag inside of a plastic case. These are some really cool cards. They have lots of peeks and pops to them. Somebody took a bit of time to create them. Check out the window punch where the flowers peek through and the cool use of the grosgrain ribbon adding a nice element to the card. The hard part for me will be deciding who to send them to. I have been so lucky with my secret stamper. She's been great! I have felt very special each month with all the special surprises that have come my way. Thanks to you, my secret stamper.

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