Sunday, August 26, 2012

MDS...Postcard Style

front of postcard

back of postcard

OK,  so it has taken me longer than I planned to get my MDS page/postcard posted. (he-he) Life and family comes first. I decided to follow the theme for my favorite blog hop. It's the MDS blog hop. I enjoy checking out what these ladies come up with each week and it inspires me to come up with something too! Not only am I inspired but it gets me to play with my MDS more often. Would you like to start a blog hop with me? We could create MDS pages or cards with the same theme. Sounds fun right? Leave me a comment or email me your ideas and/or interests.

This weeks' MDS theme was to create a I played along. I've never made a postcard using MDS before so this totally took me outside of my comfort zone. I love when that happens because it means I am growing in my creativity right? Hope so! Anyway I plan to use these post cards to stick in with orders from my customers. They can also be mailed if needed for online orders.

Hope you like it. I can't wait to get these printed so I can start using them.

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