Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Convention Swaps and Survivor Ramblings

Busy days here. I'm getting ready for my card class tomorrow. Very excited! Thought I'd share interesting news and then more Convention swaps.

On an uncrafty note....
I just found out that my friend's husband, Russ, (in the middle) is returning to the next season of (my favorite show) Survivor. He was on before but collapsed and had to leave. He didn't finish the game the way he wanted, something that he dreamed about like forever and then to have it end the way it did....well, just left things unfinished. I am so happy for him that he will be able to get closure on this. Of course, I don't know how it all ends. I know he is home so I guess things didn't get too bad. They sign legal documents and stuff and can't talk about it so my friend can only smile at me when she I talk about it. I can't wait to watch!

I think I may want to do this one day. Great way to lose weight right...I'm in! Oh, but the bugs and other little creatures...let me think about it a bit more....OK maybe the Amazing Race instead. Any takers on being my partner????

Ok onto the crafty part of today's post.....more swaps from Stampin' Up!'s convention

Beverly Kissler

Dana Homer

Rita Falquette

Holly Middagh

Nancy Meyers

Christy Sauer

Lydia Thompson - Rebecca Waddell

Sandi Hutton

Sue Scheets

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Jinnae Morgan

Jolene Jacobs

Janine Allen
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