Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Secret Stamper Revealed

I have had the most amazing time being a Secret Stamper to one of my stamping friends and also receiving so many wonderful things from my Secret Stamper. Some of the members of our group met last Friday for the big reveal. This was so much fun and exciting at the same time. Everyone was so anxious while waiting with eager anticipation for the moment of truth. We gathered in the evening for some tasty barbequed foods, salads of various sorts, and tasty desserts. After dinner when we could wait no longer we announced one by one who we've been surprising for the last year and gave them their last surprise. The person I've been sending surprises to lives in NY, a couple hours drive away, so she was unable to make it....BUT...the person who has been making me smile for the last year WAS in attendance. In fact she was the host of the evening!

My Seret Stamper has been the talented Mrs. Jean Delaney. She is awesome!!! Check out her creativity at her blog:

After our big reveal, we went into her amazing stamping room for a shoebox share. After all, what's a party without stamps, ink, and paper right??? If you want to see what we stamped. Visit my upline and friend's blog:, she has them all posted there.

Below I am sharing the last few gifts the amazing Jean surprised me with.

These are the cutest note cards. A perfect gift for me. They are a great way to leave someone a little note without feeling like you need to fill a complete card with lots of words. You can be quick and right to the point and it looks like you wrote a lot! Just what I need to go along with the theme of my life..."quick and easy." Just keep it moving (smile)

This bag is fabulous! Perfect for my swaps for Stampin' Up's! annual Convention....note to self, get busy stamping those tomorrow...I can display my swaps in the pockets and give options to my fellow swappers. I am so excited about convention. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I love the ribbon straps on this bag! If you are coming to convention you will see me and my bag there!

Included in this beautiful bag was a sweet-smelling shower gel and lotion. Anyone who really knows me, knows that I just love these shower gels and lotions. I love the smells and smelling fresh ALWAYS. Very important to me. I guess Jean really knows me (smile).

This was such a great experience. Jean made it very special. I can tell she took lots of time and put lots of thought and energy into all of her treats for me. Thank you sooooooo much Jean. I LOVED EVERYTHING you did for me. You are something SPECIAL!!!

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