Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Card Class

This past weekend I had a card class with some of my friends from work. We had a great time. The ladies loved the cards. We stamped 5 cards. Three of the five cards were cased from some talented stampers and the other two were created by little ole me. This first card I cased from my second level upline, Gail Murray. I varied the papers a bit but kept with the same color scheme as hers. She shared this card at a recent meeting she held at her home. When she showed it to us our mouths fell open in awe. This card had the same effect on the ladies at my class. It's called a Box-Top Fold Valentine. I am sure you are going to like it too! Think of the possibilities!
When you open the card it looks like this:
The inside of the card has a single heart inside, stamped with a Valentine message. One of my friends had a hard time deciding which patterns to use for her hearts so she put three hearts on the inside.
Didn't she do an awesome job! Well she started a trend and soon after this several people were creating cards with several hearts on the inside of the card.
Here is my creative friend, Marie. Every time we stamp together she takes my design and makes so much more out of them. Always making them cuter. Thanks Marie!
Here are my stamping friends/co-workers. They make an evening zoom by. I always look forward to stamping with them.
I have been stamping with some of these ladies for years. Four of the ladies were newbies to our stamping events. Everybody had a grand time a most voted this card as one of their favorites.

Thanks for stopping go stamp something!

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