Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Check-In Day Thrills and Details

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The Bag
This years bag is just too cute! I could see myself using this one often. I'm sure I will have to hide it from my 11 year old daughter. She will definitely want this one for her own...maybe in a year. She usually winds up with them sooner or later (LOL)

Momento Mall is high on my list of excitement builders. We demos can't wait to get in there and buy a bit of everything and when I say everything...I mean everything. This year's theme is I am. The layout of Momento Mall was by season. The displays were adorable.

Do you see the planner...awesome!

Love those incentive blocks!

The reusable bag just makes me even happier than I already am:-)

The floral on this reusable bag is gorgeous!

Below is the t-shirt I just had to have...
Super cute - Convention tee
Everyone will be wearing this shirt tomorrow...and by guessed right,  including me!

Below are more pics from Momento mall. Enjoy!

Make n' Take!
This year there was an option to work on Make n' Takes on Wednesday afternoon. I think this was a wonderful idea. I was able to get mine done super quick and no more carrying around stamp sets for me. I am a happy girl!
There were these cute banners to help us find where we needed to go.

Stamping, stamping, stamping....can it get better than this?
After Make n' Takes, Jean, on my right and I went back to City Creek Center for an early dinner and more shopping....shhhhh!  .....don't tell my husband.
After another good meal...and a good purchase

Lunch at Blue Lemon - Butternut Squash soup and Strawberry and Goat Cheese Salad - Delish!
This is really a pic from yesterday's lunch. I forgot to take one from today. This soup was sooo good. I went back later and had it again for dinner with a different salad. It had four large bread crumbs in the center but somebody ate them before I could get a picture.... and by somebody, I do mean me! I just couldn't wait!

Thanks for stopping go stamp something!


Debbie Flattum said...

I love the bag everyone got. Also, like the seasonal bags in memento mall. Thanks for sharing (and teasing) us with the pictures.

Trish said...

The soup looks delicious!! can you bring some of that back? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Love everything at Memento Mall!!
Thanks for sharing all of your pictures!!
I'm one of you blog followers.

Debbie Hughes