Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Swap Shares

I have been so impressed by the wonderful swaps from this year. I hope you are enjoying seeing them as well. Before I share today's swaps I want to share this fun picture that answers the question - Do men stamp? Yes, they do and they are very proud about it too!  While walking through the convention center on my way to one of the general sessions...this is what I came upon...

Look you see the SU shaped out on the back of this demonstrator's head? Isn't it awesome? It's proof positive that men stamp too! Every time I saw him it put a wide smile on my face. He wore it well!

Brenda Kaufmann

Cindy Baughman

Martha Ann Sanders

Jane Jaglowski

Holly Sturgill

Lisa Stout

Kaiysha Vest

Arlene Sweigart

Carrie King

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a go stamp something!

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